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Intimate relationships are fundamental in our lives. It is inevitable that difference and challenges will emerge. These can be communication, intimacy, life transitions, affairs, parenting and other challenges. It is how we deal with the difficulties that is the challenge. Couples counselling can help you work through a range of personal issues, improve your relationship or face a separation together.

Events don’t affect you but the meaning you attach to them does. Through a flexible approach, we will work at your own pace through your immediate concerns and focus specifically on your individual relationship needs and goals. We will explore issues on a deeper level when you feel safe to do so.

With the support of a safe and reflective counsellor you can begin to integrate your current situation into a larger story. With time, it will no longer be the essence of your story.


Taking the steps to counselling can be hard, but we CAN do hard things

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I offer face to face sessions at Ascot Psychology & Allied Health and remote sessions. New couples are being accepted.