Session availability

Katrina offers face to face sessions in Ascot or remote sessions online. There is current availability for new clients.

To discuss your options please email or phone 0400 422 741.

Fees and payment

50 minute counselling sessions cost $250.00 per session for an individual or couple. 90 minute sessions are also offered and charged at $360.00 per session.

This is with the exclusion of Pre-Marital Counselling which is a package price (see Pre-Marital Counselling for details).

Payment is required prior to the session via direct deposit. Invoices are sent prior to each session with bank details for payment. Subsequent sessions cannot occur until payment for prior sessions has been made.

Yes, I have provider numbers for the below funds:

  • Bupa
  • Police Health Fund
  • Emergency Services Health
  • Phoenix Health Fund
  • St Lukes Health

Please check directly with your health fund to ensure you are eligible for a rebate with your current level of cover.

General questions about counselling sessions

Counselling sessions are fifty minutes in duration.
Ninety minute sessions are also offered for couples who prefer more time.

Yes, availability can be discussed with Katrina.

Weekly appointments are recommended in the initial stages of counselling. As we progress, it is common to move to fortnightly appointments. Appointments may be spaced out further as agreed upon, with the eventual aim of transitioning to less frequent appointments.

Every couple’s needs are different, so there is no set time for how long the counselling process will take. Although this may feel daunting to hear at first, not having a set time frame can alleviate some of the pressure around making changes or decisions about the future of the relationship. If you have a time frame or expectation in mind, it is important to discuss this with Katrina when you commence counselling. Throughout the counselling process, we will continually re-assess your goals, and take time to discuss how you are finding the counselling process, to ensure a positive and constructive experience.

Katrina believes that in order to offer a truly tailored approach to her clients, she needs to be able to work flexibly with their existing strengths, and to structure the counselling process from the existing place of the relationship. This includes looking at the relationship holistically, and validating the affective, behavioural, cognitive, physical, social, and spiritual aspects. To do this, Katrina works with a variety of approaches including – but not limited to – Schema Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), Gottman Therapy and Integrative Behavioural Couples Therapy (IBCT).

At the start of the couple work, it is often recommended that each individual is seen separately, to provide space to talk freely about their concerns and goals for the relationship. Katrina does not keep secrets between the individuals, therefore anything that is discussed in these sessions is brought into the subsequent couple sessions.

Online counselling has opened up new possibilities for many couples and individuals to get the help they desire. It offers flexibility to have important counselling when coming into the rooms is not practical, for either geographical or time constraints. Katrina has seen many couples via online counselling, who have benefitted from the same success as couples coming into the rooms in person. A blended version of both may also be an option for you. Any concerns or queries can be discussed.

Quite often couples can feel stuck for a long time before they acknowledge it, and the idea of change and moving forward in a different way can feel hopeless. Talking to a counsellor can help the individuals in the couple to feel heard, which is often the vital first step to true positive change. Katrina is equipped with strategies that are designed to promote growth and healing. Katrina will collaborate with you to understand your situation, and to work together to achieve your agreed goals. Sometimes just having a different perspective in the room – an experienced counsellor who cares and truly listens – can make an enormous difference.

Ultimately the goal of counselling is to move forward in a healthier and happier relationship – however that looks for each of you. To achieve this, it is essential to understand your current triggers, and to anticipate areas that may trip you up within your relationship. Through understanding your individual past, and the impact it has on your relationship today, you gain the knowledge required to make clear and intentional choices about your future.

You are welcome to fill in the enquiry form, call or email.